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Five in the second half?

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Am I right in thinking the last time we got give in the second half was against Chester in 52/3 when we won 11-2 ?

I know we got seven v Southport in 62/3 in the first half (won 11-0) but best second period goal scoring in a competitive match for over 60 years?

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When did we last score 5 in a league game?

When did we last come from 3 down to win?

When did we last concede 4 + not lose? (Bristol R 4-4 I think)

When did we last concede 4 and win?


Not sure but last time I remember US scoring five in a half Grimsby at home in one half was celebration Sunday

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Is that the first ever 5-4 win for Latics?

Can't find a 5 4 victory


But lost 4 5 v Rotherham home 1950/1


Some others that are interesting

4 4 v Chesterfield away FACup 1960/1

4 4 v Rochdale away 1955/6

4 4 v Luton away. 53/4

4 4 v Gateshead h 36/7

4 4 v Rotherham a 36/7


Beat Stockton 6 4 in FA Cup 25/6

Also lost 4 6 v Everton away 30/1



In the Wartime League there was a 5 5 draw v Bury in 41/2 but those matches don't count as "first class" in cricket terms

In WWI we drew 4 4 v Man City in 1916


Pre league days we drew 4 4 with Man Utd Reserves in 1903/4, the sane season as a 5 5 draw with Burnley Belvedere

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I'm 66 and started watching Latics in 1958, my first game (I think) was against Gateshead (maybe a cup replay) at home. Pete I was at the 4-4 game against Chesterfield, if memory serves it snowed like hell, and we struggled to get home after the game, road conditions over Buxton, Chapel-en-le-frith and Hayfield were shocking.

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