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BP seating arrangements and improved atmosphere

Best seating arrangements at BP  

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  1. 1. What is the vest seating arrangement to boost atmosphere at BP

    • No change. Home and away fans in RRE. Latics have big section.
    • Home fans congregated in the Chaddy. Away fans have the whole RRE.
    • Away fans in the Chaddy. Home fans in the RRE.
    • Latics fans have small section of RRE. Away fans in the big section.
    • Away fans in the mainstand paddock
    • Other

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Following on from LJ's Twitter debate today ...


Where should fans of each side sit to improve the atmosphere at BP?




Imagine there's a new stand up as planned.


Assume all other stands remain open.


Accept that, for now, safe standing or terracing is out of the equation.


Assume police / council are amenable to relocating away fans at no cost.

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The Chaddy is a dilipated old fashioned terraced standing stand with impaired views pretending to be a modern seated stand.


I wince every time we give the RRE to the away fans , they must be laughing their socks off at us when this happens.

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Has to be away fans in the chaddy. Every game u can hear noise in the Rocky road even if the away fans have come in a taxi. The only time you hear any chants from the chaddy is when some one says it was a good volumeafter the game. We have stuck with tradition and the atmosphere at BP awful let's at least try something to improve it

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The best atmospheres I can recall were when Latics fans were in the small bit of the RRE. Everton, Liverpool and Leicester under Sheridan.


Whether that could ever be recreated on a Tuesday night with 54 MK Dons fans in the big section ... (not to mention the "injustice" of giving the away fans the best seats!)

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Away fans in the Chaddy for me.


People always go on about 'Tradition' being a determining factor in their decision. But i ask, what has tradition done for us these past 20 years?


A better atmosphere makes for a better experience all round for most (i'd guess...)


Would people be that arsed about moving out of the Chaddy, really? Would it stop people going?


Chaddy End would be the last choice for where i'd personally sit. Main stand paddock is better than the Chaddy and it even has leg room.

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Has to be away fans in the chaddy for me.


I have got some great memories in that stand, but it's a no brainer and the club should have done this years ago. I think they are scared of upsetting the adamant fans who might stay away if it is forced....however I feel that a good atmosphere would bring more people back than the ones who walk away.

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I agree wholeheartedly - we can argue this for ever more but the only way to make an informed decision is to give it a try and stick all Latics fans in RRE and for the hierarchy at the club to work out if the atmosphere is any better or worse. I have a feeling that a large number of Chaddy Enders (I am one) who will intend or consider moving into the new North Stand due to vastly improved facilities.

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I was the one that championed moving to the RRE when Sean Jarvis was here but was out voted, which fair enough, but time has moved on and the chaddy end is worse now than it was then. It is time for Fans to move on if the club is to move forward so have the fans. I still sit in the chaddy but for the good of our club lets get this move done.

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Wherever we sit the atmosphere will always be :censored: during :censored: games against :censored: opposition.


They don't need to move us to different stands.

If they move us towards the top of the table or to the Championship the atmosphere will be great.

Just looking back to 2008/2009 when we were up near the top of the table (until our collapse after the dogs.) The atmosphere then was pretty good, I remember being stood in the RRE and it was actually buzzing, think we played Tranmere in Big Joe's come back.


Show's that good football or being in a good league position does some good.

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Leaving the chaddy would seriously make me reconsider my ST.


I've sat with the same group of ten to twenty people from four or five families for years. It has spouted lifelong friendships just because we were at the footie every week. I didn't know them from Adam before.


I know for a fact that one of the families isn't going to move and will drop their ST.


Anyway, that's the emotional side done.


For me, I'd rather have fans on four sides, could make things interesting. Trial the Old Trafford singing section somewhere for all I care but the top and bottom of it is that unless you sit all 4000 latics fans in as small a place as possible, ala when going away, then it won't make one iota of difference.


Latics fans sing at away games, it's a great atmosphere, having 8000 empty seats in four barely full stands, regardless of configuration, won't make any difference.

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Surely for one of the remaining home games this season, the club could "trial" making the RRE for home fans and give the chaddy to away fans. What harm can it do, I know people speak about tradition but surely what is best for the club comes first. It might be me but if you dont try you will never know.

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Having sat in all four stands, home is where the heart is and that is definitely in the Chaddy End.


In the RRE... when the sun shines you get blinded, when the rain falls you get wet and when the wind blows that's in your face too. It might be the newest stand (for the moment) it doesn't make it the best just on that. Want to make the point that every stand has the flaws.


Latics should give the large section to away fans and keep the small section of RRE for those fans that want to have the banter with away fans.


Personally I want to watch my team, join in a few chants, have a whinge at the ref (sometimes) and come away from BP with 3 points. You can't always get what you want.

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When the new stand is up the two ends will be even more scarce so putting them together won't culminate in as large a crowd as most seem to expect.


Safe-standing terrace is an option, albeit a long term one that LJ says is unlikely.


Solution for me is to create a singing section in the new stand or the Paddock on the end nearest the away fans in a similar way to Port Vale and Burnley have.


Would mean home fans occupy 3 stands so not to make BP feel empty, home and away fans can still have banter and we can keep the Chaddy for traditionalists while having a designated singing section that creates an atmosphere.

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