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Mellis Joins On Loan

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Sounds like a charmer:

on 9 April 2012, Mellis was arrested after a fight with his girlfriend at his Cobham home. They were admitted to St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey and treated for scratches and bruises and subsequently arrested on suspicion of ABH. He was cautioned for common assault and criminal damage

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Gary Owers, a fan who represents himself, claimed that the smoke bomb was just a bit of a laugh and overseas managers should develop a sense of humour. As for the altercation, well they were BOTH cautioned. :censored: happens. Yes, he's older, bigger and stronger, but he deserves a second....i mean third chance.

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Very highly rated at £2-£3m less than 2 years ago;





Looking at the video vision seems be be his biggest asset, we just need a goal poacher to latch on to those exquisite passes.

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Well I will star it for once.....


Blackpool have been desperate for players all season. Why loan one out?


It begs the question. Who is heading to the Flyde coast in the next few weeks?

They made enquiries for me but couldn't afford my pie and donkey ride demands
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