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Bradford City vs Oldham Athletic

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Are we feeling optimistic again?


We're pretty much safe now, so less pressure in that regard.


Following on from back to back wins, and clean sheets, do we think our following at Bradford may just have jumped a couple of hundred or so?


Coleman to keep his place, deservedly so.


Lockwood & Gerrard nailed on to start, given our recent form and the fact that Bradford aren't the quickest of sides and rather direct.


Kelly returning to the starting line up?


Positivity, gentlemen. Positivity

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I reckon they'll be around 600 or so sold by tomorrow. I'll find out tomorrow late on - loads will pay on the day tho can see about 1200 going. Can usually judge it quite well on twitter and a lot seem to be going.

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If Winchester is injured, and Kelly is back. I'd go with:


















Although with Bradford being a physical outfit, he may opt for Wilkinson instead of Turner for added height & strength, with Turner coming on as sub to hopefully take advantage of a tiring defence.

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