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Gerrard & Clarke.

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Not arsed who believes what I am saying couldn't give a toss tbh. It's true but the issue is what are the club going to do about it. Look at them on the pitch we can't defend set pieces and with their experience it's criminal they need to speak!

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Forget the defence, they'll sort themselves out in time, but why have we gone three games into a season without a single central midfielder that is good enough to play at this level?


It's fucking scandalous. How has Shez of all people proceeded over that?

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14 hours ago, palmer1 said:

You don't have to be best mates to play football. What a load of rubbish!


Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham were testament to that.  Cole detested Sheringham but the two were prolific together on the pitch.


There's loads of other examples of footballers within the same team either hating one another or cliques within the squads.  Footballers are adults FFS and paid to do a job not to be best pals.


Fact is Gerrard is overweight and unfit.  He won't admit it but he's struggling and needs a rocket up his arse and an extended session or ten from Harbin.  Whilst Clarke is equally not the fastest, he's a model pro when it comes to fitness and fully committed.  You can't knock Gerard's commitment but application is struggling currently until he can shed a stone.


Both are slow hence you need a more mobile defender in a back three to mop up and commitment from midfield and wing backs to compensate for the lack of speed and mobility.  


Get Gerrard fighting fit and I'm sure we can still squeeze this season out of both of them.

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15 minutes ago, latics22 said:

I'm not sure how anyone can say that gerrard or Clarke hav suddenly become so terrible 3 months after being lorded on here? Like goldfish some fans

They haven't become terrible but there's no doubt both are not at their best, getting Ripley back would of been huge for the confidence of our defence and although I wouldn't like to criticise Wilson after only three games he does seem to have some obvious flaws that teams are playing to.

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15 hours ago, Laticfanatic1 said:

Gerrard needs dropping until he's lost atleast 2 stone. Get young Stott in with Clarke

Any idea what he weighs? You'd need to if you suggest he's able to lose two stone. 28lbs is quite a lot. I'm 14 and a half stone and, if I was only 12 and a half, I think I'd feel quite ill. And, no, I'm not 6'6" and built like a brick shithouse.

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Anthony Gerrard has just completed his first preseason in about 6 years. He has done this with the most acclaimed fitness coach that Oldham have employed in the last 20 years. During this preseason the players will be put through all sorts of tests which will include body fat percentage & weight.


Anybody who thinks that he is overweight and unfit after watching a couple of games because we lost conceding a few goals is talking bollocks!


He and Clarke are not the quickest and may not have started the season in the best form but the main issue is that they are being exposed time and time again by midfield that is not doing it's job. You will not and have not heard Shez criticise the centre of our defence because they are not the problem.

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