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3 minutes ago, Lee Sinnott said:

I'm not so sure that's true. As is mentioned further down the thread, if that was the case, they'd have plenty of stories lined up...

Possibly a bit harsh from me


I'd still say their default position would be negative rather than positive though.

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1 minute ago, Nohairdontcare said:

They generally just report what the players and manager have to say - which is usually positive.

Thinking more about off the field stuff, embargos etc.


Not criticising, I wouldn't expect them to be a mouthpiece for the club

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2 minutes ago, Dave_Og said:

You should cherish the 'local rag' while you still can. Mine has given up the ghost and merged with others with the result that my 'local' printed news comes from 30 miles away.

I agree, but it's hard to do so when it's 75p and full of (mostly) absolute shite...

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28 minutes ago, oafc1955 said:

That is the equivalent of 1/4 of a pint of beer...ie. a gob full.

What do you expect nowadays for 75p!

Perhaps Mr Sinnott like me remembers when 15 shillings was a lot of money!......just like a portion  of  chips was a tanner ie 2.5 pence

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Wrong word
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10 minutes ago, mcfluff1985 said:

And how much did you used to have to pay for a gobfull? 

In 1970'a pint was 1/10d about 9p .....in 1975 4 pints cost exactly £1


PS from memory the Chron was 3d  about 1.5 pence

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I remember getting a £1note off my mum to go out on my 21st, it was all she could afford bless her. I added it to the £2 I already had and got absolutely hammered at the 'Broadway' club and still had supper at the chippy on the way home. That would just about buy me a pint now or a programme at the match???

It was also next to fuck all to get in the 'Chaddy' too. 


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Got to be difficult in this internet era for papers like the Chron to keep going, long may it continue. As an exile I obviously don't bother but can remember it getting delivered when we still lived in Oldham and then in the Royle era had a couple of Aunties that would keep the "specials" for me that I still have somewhere.


Back to Matt, I don't claim to know him well but have sat with him at a couple of games and he's converted into a proper Latics fan...sometimes dropping the journalist act for a second and celebrating a goal or questioning what went wrong when we concede.


As someone pointed out, there's not exactly been a lot to comment on recently. If you take away all the crap on Twitter and those in the know on here spouting their shite it's been as dull off field as it has on the pitch these last few weeks. Even helium man on TWAL is struggling to get enthusiastic now Love Island has finished.


Also, now big Gordy has passed away there may not be so much being passed onto the journalists if you know what I mean. Gordy knew what he could get away with letting people know whereas the young lads will no doubt be scared shitless of upsetting that nice Mr Corney.


From the online stuff and occasional times I see a copy, the Chron and Matt Chambers give a very balanced factual daily round up of what's happening at the club. Unfortunately at the moment that's not a lot but I've seen someone on twitter saying there's 3 new signings coming in today...?

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