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League Tables 22.10.2019


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Premier League

@lookersstandandy moved up another place to 2nd with his top score of 7 points. He was the only one with attendance points, too, only missing by five. @astottie and @aidan_latics move out of the relegation zone and are replaced by @JoeP and @rudemedic. I won't mention who dropped to last place; you know who you are!





Six points was the best score, by @GlossopLatic [up 2 to 2nd], @Handsy [still in the bottom three] and @yarddog73 [up 4 places]. Also moving up 4 places is Lawman. Only 4 points separate the top six as @LaticsPete gets back in the play offs. @maximus1267 edited his prediction at 7:43pm, so it is discounted; he would have picked up points had he done it earlier, but not enough to move up the table. The bottom three stay the same.




League 1

As in the Championship, 6 points was the best of the night, by @Gentleman [closing in on the play offs] and @JohnG123. The top six and bottom four don't change at all, but @alien's 3 points take into a comfortable mid table slot. Six players didn't take part and it already looks like the relegation spots are getting sorted out




League 2

Once again, 6 points was the top score, by @laticsrblue, @philwhite and @RobOAFC, who all move up one place each. The top two stay the same with @Andy-latic threatening and @jbroyton moves up 3 places into the play offs at @alisonh1981's expense. The bottom three stay the same and @sjk2008 looks like a candidate for the National League. Three players didn't post a prediction.



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