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How many players do you remember since 1996

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im guessing prozac will win this one.


surprisingly difficult once you get past the obvious


wont go into an explination, its all on there.


i got 101/176, although im sure ill be beaten comfortably



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its the most appearances in any one season prozac, not just players who played for us. hence why no miskelly, and im guessing that when kelly joined in 1996 he made more appearances that year than hallworth but i cant be arsed looking up the stats to confirm that

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Yet we'd give our left bollock for someone of his ability at this moment in time. He wasn't as bad as many made out and boy did we miss him when he left…didn't have a physical presence up front until Wijnhard joined….


Agree to a point! My alcohol-induced hazy memory of him was an acceptable target man but slow to keep up with the wingers.


And there ain't a cat in hell's chance of giving my left bollock.........yours on the other hand (and not my other hand either).......

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