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2 current greedy league players

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They have to be based up here or be pretty local,and be getting on a bit in football terms.

Can't see someone like for example Jon Terry saying "oooh Oldham are after a manager i fancy that".

Michael Owen crossed my mind but he's into his horses :dntknw:

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paul scholes is a cert i recon


I've seen a lot about Paul Scholes, whether he would or wouldn't apply for the job if he will become a coach at United when he retires and whether he actually likes Oldham but not many people have actually said whether they'd like him as our manager.


As a player I didn't see potential managerial skills. He was quiet, didn't like interviews, wasn't really the leader on the pitch. His stardom would definitely attract a few more fans through the turnstiles but would he be good for us? Would he keep us in the league?


Phil Neville has some UEFA coaching badges already... and 36/37 now..?


He's getting ££££££££ from Sky Sports for his punditry and I'd guess he's contracted with them.


Money talks.


Although, as much as I hated him as a player. I'd love him here as a manager. He has an eye for the game that many don't, he's coached before, captained passionately and looks like he is the perfect manager material.

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Giggs, Brad Friedel, Rory Delap?


Can't think of any older players in the premiership, an have no idea if any of them have an interest in management


Delap's a good shout. I was trying to think of players in their twilight years. The ones who've applied aren't likely to be 'superstars'.

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Phil Neville has some UEFA coaching badges already... and 36/37 now..?


Phil quitting Everton to become our gaffer on the eve of the cup tie would be interesting.


Is he still local, Rawtenstall?



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The only current PL player that I can think of that has spoken very openly about his intention to be be a manager is Jamie Carragher. Maybe he spotted the potential last week.


was just about to post this, could really see Jamie Carragher appying as his days at Liverpool are coming to an end, and it'd be a good local start for him, although i'd want someone with more experience, maybe get him as a coach/ast. manager?

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