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David Goodwillie

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To be fair, neither did City;)


Actually am surprised he's only 24. For some reason thought he was older. Under 6 foot and his record of goal scoring seems to have steadily tumbled as his career as moved along. That said we are a division 3 team and will not attract a current top act.

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Yeah he seems to attract trouble. Recent allegations of rape (never made it to court) and now the woman is to try and sue him for £500k. Has previous for assault too.


Couldn't get in the team towards the end of his loan spell at Dundee

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I'll be conservative about successful Scottish league strikers after how Rooney's underwhelmed.


The clubs chasing him tell us all about Goodwillle's actual quality, not the inflated price Blackburn paid for him, and the statistics reinforce he's only had one good season.


I wouldn't blame LJ for getting him and maybe Chris Taylor could put in a good word for us, I'm just wary that we don't overrate him. Perhaps he'd be more trouble than he's worth...

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