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2 hours ago, SweeperKeeper said:

For those who wanted a bit more strength and fight in our team, he should add a bit of punch:




If he drops one of or both of the Lemsagams I will set up a crowd funding page to pay his fine.

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6 hours ago, BP1960 said:


Whenever I've seen him he looked a very quick player who could put a good cross in. Might gave slowed a little, but i think he will do well here.

So a good signing by Almo then?

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5 hours ago, GlossopLatic said:


Your giving them too much credit to say their is  philosophy their isn't one or a strategy it's just pot luck


That said I think this will be a good signing until he inevitably falls out with hierarchy.

So have the hierarchy made a good signing ? 

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Melbourne Cobbler.


Congratulations, you have just signed the best crosser of a ball in L2. Nicky has had 2 spells with us and we got promoted both times. This season we have been playing without wingers and at 34 it is too much for him to get up and down the line in L1 for 90 minutes. Play him as a winger and you have landed yourselves a seriously quality signing. You will find a lot of Cobblers fans who would have liked to change our system  just to accommodate him in the side? A proper professional who is much loved and will be missed and forever remembered at our club. All the best Nicky!

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8 hours ago, League one forever said:

The thought of us playing 3-5-2. . 



3-5-2 really plays to our strengths at centre back and central midfield


How else are all our right backs going to get matches out of position?

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