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Music at BP


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  1. 1. Who?

    • Tinie Tempah
    • Example
    • Olly Murs
    • Jessie J
    • McFly
    • The Wanted
    • Plan B
    • Steps
    • Noel Gallagher & High Flying Birds
    • Snow Patrol
    • Elton John
    • Mumford & Sons
    • Rod Stewart
    • Madness
    • Katherine Jenkins

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Blimey oh riley!




[[Poll Added - Ackey]]


Would we like to see play a gig at BP to raise money for the club.


Or, this lot will do owt for a quick buck and on that basis I would like to vote for Katherine Jenkins, I'd like to take a proper Lookers at her Rocky Road and get right up her Chaddy End I can tell you!

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Elton John? Really? Surely he'd be playing Wembley not BP?


Any of them for me as i wouldn't go and see any one on that list but i'm sure there are lots of people that would.

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Stay on topic please kids
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Before people comment - think what will be most profitable for the club!


I'd love to see Madness or the like but will they really sell out as well as some horse :censored: like Tinnie Tempah


The Specials would play it. Most bigger acts gravitate towards cities though rather than towns with no train links.

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Noel Gallagher - guaranteed sell out, I'd have thought.


Snow Patrol, current and generally liked by the masses. They were marketed so much a few years ago they were one of the biggest selling bands.... but didn't make much out of it.

Also would appeal to families more than say Noel G, which could be more of an Oasis crowd.


Though, they need to stick it on a Saturday night and ensure that the artist isn't playing locally the same month (at least).

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Whilst I am sure there will be a lot of hurdles the club will have to clear to get the go ahead for something like this, its still really good to see the club thinking outside the box a bit and looking to maximise the facilities they do have.


Makes a refreshing change from the 'we can't do that because' attitude that has plagued the club in recent years.

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Noel Gallagher - guaranteed sell out, I'd have thought.


And the inspiral carpets could support


The only one I would consider paying money to go and see it would be interesting to see how this would work Where would the stage go how many tickets could be sold and can you make it so only people who buy tickets can see it i.e if they put the stage at the Chaddy end you could see the stage from the hill on the broadway side of the RRE.

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Personally I'd like to see Noel Gallagher out of that list, but in terms of making money it depends on what price the tickets are. As someone selling 7500 tickets at £50 will make more money than someone selling 10000 tickets at £25. Not every artist on that list will have the same ticket prices. Or would the club just hire out the stadium for a flat rate and then the artist and their associates make the rest of the takings

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