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Chairman's important announcement

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Big loan signing?

With Dickov linked with hudds maybe a proper contract for him, i dont think they would make a suspense on admin that would be sick


As it effects us all, got to be staduim surely

Unless its Messi I dont think any loan signing would warrant such an announcement


Surely its stadium based ?

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It has to be good news, it would be awful relations from the club to get people clicking and nervous only to say we're up :censored: creek!


Hoping for investment in the ground, but we'll wait and see...


Your right if we were knackedered they wouldn't be giving it the big build up they would just come out and say it, all the signs are pointing towards stadium/investment news fingers crossed

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Surely it can't be anything other than a new stand being built/new investment? At a push it's Dickov getting a new contract.


Nothing else can warrant the dramatic wording used in the article other than club trolling us only to reveal something minor.


I'd like to think it's the former but then again this is Latics so could be the latter!


Trying not to get my hopes up........

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