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Meet the Chairman tomorrow

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Entrance to Q & A session: Free for season ticket holders/ £66 non-ST holders


Golden ticket holders may only ask questions if they are able to be heard through the bucket that will be placed on their heads. Discussions will centre around a move to locate all GT holders in a reserved section so that, those with season tickets can chant "Golden Shower" during the Strike It Lucky draw.

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I read it as a royal rumble kind of event. Corney's going to be in Latics reception stripped to the waist and greased up, willing to take on all comers whilst shouting "Come on yer bashtards, I'll effing batter you!"

I could see him doing a Putin-style macho hunter/martial artist/shark wrestler promo series. In fact, I've never seen the pair of them together :unsure:

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1) where's the new stand?

2) when will a decision be made about whether we need to move out of BP and when will we be told?

3) instead of making it cheaper for floating fans to come along, has he considered cheaper season tickets?

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The Chron says the two disgruntled ST holders, plus one other fan, turned up and "put across a range of views to chairman Simon Corney in a two-hour meeting".

To be fair, 10-12 on a Wdenesday at short notice is not a time most people on here can make.

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