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Adam Lockwood signed

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Quote from Guiseley official site:

A vastly experienced centre-back playing outside of the football league for the first time, Lockwood arrived at Nethermoor with a proven pedigree while making more than 300 appearances in total for Yeovil and Doncaster. In the 2012-13 season he made 20 appearances for Bury, before being released near to the closure of the transfer window at the end of September 2013.

After defensive errors had blighted Guiseley’s early season, particularly during the injury-enforced absence of player-of-the-season Danny Ellis, Mark Bower turned to Lockwood to bring a cool head to the Lions’ backline.

Adam is a tall, strong defender who reads the game well and makes vital interventions to see off dangerous moves.

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As he was released by Bury outside a transfer window (September), I believe Guiseley play at the highest level Lockwood could legally play at.


He signed a deal til Jan 1st, presumable just to get some games in, and now here he is.

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Surely impossible to judge this one until we see him. However, he comes with loads of experience, which is the one attribute we lack in abundance across the squad. If you think of what happens when either Tarky or Smith have a quiet match, the team dissapear into their shadows and we lack any sort of leadership. He's unlikely to be quick, but if he can bring some calmness to the side it can only be a bonus. This should please the Connor haters as it will release Kusunga to play RB. If we add one or both of Harkins and Worall to this then it has been a decent days business.


If he has come, like Muzza, to play a coaching role then delete the above comments!

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Jobs for the boys again?



Another of Johnson's mates


Am I missing something here? If LJ has personal experience of playing in the same side as them, and rates them, what's the big deal? Surely it's better than panic signing players he has very little knowledge of?


LJ is the manager. FFS, let's trust him to sign players of his own choice.

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I see this as a sign that Byrne is to leave and we're signings a similarly experienced player significantly on a lower wage. We won't see him play often I'd guess.


LJ needs to be careful bringing in friends because, however logical the signings are, it creates an unwanted perception of nepotism. It's something disgruntled fans will use against him...

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