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Latics 5-4 Posh: post match reaction

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There are probably a few pre-written posts being deleted right about now.


Amazing result and good to see subs, formation changes and half time team talks making a difference. Hopefully we can take that belief on to the next game.

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That was a proper afternoon at Boundary Park, I sit half way up in the RRE, when I got there all the seats in our area were soaking wet, then the cold bit in and the wind.


0-3 at half time, already made 2 subs, looking like we wouldn't score till next Christmas then we manage to get back in it with 2 quick goals. Typical Latics cock it up by gifting them a 4th, the worst goal I have ever seen us concede.


But the rest is history, not sure we should have had then penalty, looked like he headed it to me, but, we got the decision.


What a bloody second half.

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Left at halftime and truth be told I'm not sure that I wouldn't do it again.

God that was a dire first 45.

Regardless of how today finished we have big issues to address.

:censored: me we have the most negative fans in the country. Get a grip man, we have a young manager with a new team and our only real problem this season has been scoring goals

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Did that just happen?


Honestly am chuffed with that and LJ's reaction when Kusunga smashed the net at the CRE was unbelievable. A word has to be said about the changes. They may have been wrong at the time but they payed off. Connor Brown was out of this world, Harkins was outstanding and JCH did a job. Feel sorry for Philly and Dayton but its a tough world of football.


The best is yet to come;


WE"VE SCORED 5. The second time this season but this time it was against a decent side. AND we've had a Lino thats made a decision and had some balls. Was it handball? I thought so a friend in the CRE thought it was a head but who cares.


LJ's said it was a fantastic game of entertaining football and thats exactly what it was. It was a brilliant game of football and lets hope this can propel us on to Tuesday night.

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Their bench went absolutely banana's in front of us main standers at 0-3, but they didn't like it when we all ran down to them at 5-4 and Kevin Russell (their bald headed assistant was telling me to :censored: off). They don't like it up em.


Ended up having a big man hug with some bloke at the end (think it was pukka).


Bizarre how football gets us.

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