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The Phone torch thing

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I didn't think it was such a bad thing. A couple of people in the middle block were covering it and uncovering it in time with the drum.


If that was done by everyone doing it, and it caught on, it could look quite good - especially with most people wearing gloves in the cold weather. Clapping along is as much auditory use as a chocolate fire guard.


Lighten (pun intended) up people.

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Speaking of the Athleticos, what happened to Athletico95 or whatever he called himself?


never going again getting rid of his Fleetwood ticket blah blah blah..... I take it he just changed his username or/and is keeping stum as we are 5th?

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Back on the OT - was this something that the Athleticos had planned or was it off the cuff?


Have we copied it off others or was it something new? I don't recall seeing it anywhere else other than concerts.

It seemed to be stated by 3 people behind the chaddy end goal, well away from the athleticos Edited by RoytonLatics
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