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Returning Players

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The Oldham Comical says that Kelly, Mills and Wilson should be available on Saturday.


Would you put them all back in?


From my perspective, Kelly would be the only definate.

The other 2 would weaken our defence put slightly improve our attacking options.

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Swap Kelly for Philly




Kusunga Gerrard. Lockwood. Sadler


Kelly Woodland


Winchester. Jones


Wilkinson. Forte


Although Turner bagged two on Tuesday I wouldent rate his chances against the brutes that Bradford have, this will be a physical battle and Wilkinson will be more appropriate for this game can bring Turner on later for his pace, same goes for Conner, I know he's in really good form but id go with Kusunga at RB for this one he impressed on his cameo on Tuesady and I think he's technically a better player then Brown anyway. Sadler stays in for me we look a lot more solid defensively with him.

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Think if fully fit Kelly goes straight back in the other 2 on the bench for now but would prefer Wilson over Lockwood as firstly I believe he would make a better partner for Gerrard and secondly Lockwood can concentrate on being a full time defensive coach. Mills will come back in for Sadler as he is a better player.

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You do if it makes it better.

And therein lies a major dilemma.

Is the team better with Mills in because he is a better attacking option and he is as good as Sadler defensively?


My thoughts are yes to the first but no to the second.


Ideally, Mills is a wing back and, this is just a thought, the reason why he hasn't nailed a LB berth elsewhere.

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You can't change a defence that hasn't conceded for 180 minutes.


Or drop a striker who's just scored two.


I wouldn't rush Kelly back either.


If all are fit, the players who've produced two wins in a row should be rewarded by keeping their places.


On the other hand - none of the three returnees are going to be sent on to get us a goal so, if the plan is to flog them for the last eight games of the season to give us the best chance of the playoffs they may all start......

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I would move forte out wide to try and use his pace to get round the back and drop Woodland for Kelly.


I appreciate he got MOM on Saturday but he isn't one of our own and I think the kelly Jones partnership is our strongest.

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