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EFL rules out Premier League B teams

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Premier League B teams and 'non-English' clubs will not be included in plans to reform the structure of the English Football League.


In May, it was revealed that the EFL, formerly known as the Football League before a rebrand this summer, could expand to include a fifth tier by 2019-20, with 100 teams over five divisions.


It is planned that additional clubs would come from the National League.


EFL clubs met to discuss the proposals for the first time on Thursday.

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Yes. Not watching this :censored: tournament though. Wembley doesn't come into it - we won't be there.

Same here.


Well done to those who have protested through on-line petitions, Twitter, Facebook and boycotting the scab tournament. Some will be cynical and suggest the protests will have had little effect but I honestly do think the EFL idiots have looked at the reaction and realised they don't want to damage their product any further with this bull:censored:. Now they need to realise that in a game with a lot of problems, the one good thing about it is the 92 team, 4 division structure in place. Leave it alone.

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we;; as the ex kept the china she can eat waht the hell she wants off it

Ditto. My sentiments entirely.


But, with regards the point of the thread, this decision can only be good for the game and help to protect the lower league clubs. Mind you, God only knows what the Greedy League will come up with next to stuff the undeserving up the arse.

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Still :censored:e.

Would you eat a donner kebab off your wedding china?


That's completely different though, isn't it? Because eating a kebab off your wedding china doesn't bring your any more enjoyment than not doing. Whereas watching your team play at Wembley is far preferable to watching them play at Boundary Park.


Would you go if we got there?

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