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Premier League

Another low scoring week. Only 5 players scored any points, with @astottietop scoring with 3, climbing 6 places as a result. @24hoursfromtulsehillchose not to participate in such a poor scoring fixture, but only dropped one place. The only other significant movement was @Ex_patjumping three places into 4th.




Three players scored three points here, @LaticsPete, Lawman (despite predicting an away win but no latics scorer), and @Nohairdontcare. The latter jumps 5 places into 2nd, and Lawman moves out of the drop zone. @Laticsbiffo didn't predict.



League 1

A bit better as we move down the leagues, with 3 predictors picking up 6 points - @alisonh1981, @JohnG123, and @tGWB. @jbroytonisn't far behind with 5. Another blank for @Ryansees him adrift at the bottom, still on zero points. @dannyboy55555didn't predict.



League 2

This week's top scorer is @deyres42who scored a cracking 8 points. @pcassist and @RobinsDuckEggget 6, but not much else to shout about. The top two look to be pulling away a little from the pack, but apart from that it's pretty tight. No preds from @Jimbooth, @laticsrblue, and @MrPartyPants6submitted his after kick off - no pred, no party!



ps If anyone knows who PLK is, tell them they're welcome to join, but need to stump up the entry fee :chubb:

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