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  1. Oh God. I hate this pile of shit year already.
  2. 'Bizarrely' 😂 Mind you they owe us for Benyu. Although it's not Celtic's fault that Wellens thought it was a good idea to bring him on at Northampton when we desperately needed to score.
  3. Couple of days late to this but.... Have I got this right? The ground currently officially operates at a reduced capacity because the club doesn't have enough stewards, but the club sent a couple of bouncers to stand and glare at people going in the OEC? Fabulous.
  4. It's Friday, it's 5pm, that can only mean one thing..... STATEMENT TIME! https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/november/15112019-statement/
  5. Yeah there's a lot of shite on Twitter. I'm not buying it til Paddy confirms it.
  6. That's fine. Just remember that my elbows are the same height as your bollocks.
  7. Pre Match Taking-Your-Glasses-Back-To-The-Bar ?
  8. I've chosen to not renew my season ticket because I feel like it'd be throwing good money after bad, but can we please pack it in calling those who do go the match scabs, it's really fucking daft.
  9. You're gonna need to put a shilling in the server meter, @Stevie_J.
  10. hang on, isn't one of Barry's twitter personas a yoga enthusiast?
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