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  1. 2pm Sunday. Only a tenner full price! Bargain.
  2. Surely the police will want QPR v Leeds to be moved to an early KO and Chelsea to not play on the same day?
  3. Bet they always have red wine in the North stand as well.
  4. The bars at the ground take card payments? I don't think we're in the Rocky anymore, Toto.
  5. Mike Keegan tweeting furiously about Bolton not paying their players. I'm gonna assume our players have been.
  6. rosa

    Tranmere (A)

    It was more to attract Liverpool and Everton fans to adopt them as their second team. Not worth doing now that Liverpool rarely play at 3pm on a Saturday.
  7. rosa

    Tranmere (A)

    It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. If they had 'intelligence' that there was going to be trouble outside, why on earth would they let people out of the ground and then pen them in the exact spot this supposed trouble was meant to be happening? If they had 'intelligence' there was going to be trouble, why would they close off the road to Rock Ferry station (where a lot of people were making their way to), tell people to walk in the opposite direction towards the town centre, and have no police at all 100 yards down the road, where people were wandering around not sure where they were going and where anyone who was looking for trouble could have happily beat the shit out of a load of lost Oldham fans who'd been forced off the route they were familiar with? It stinks of them deliberately causing trouble to justify charging you more for policing in future. Fuck knows what they'll do if you get Liverpool or Everton in the FA Cup.
  8. rosa

    Tranmere (A)

    I'm not a fan of short corners at the best of times but in the 95th minute that was inexplicable. The Football Supporters Federation's caseworker has asked people to contact her about the policing at amanda.jacks@fsf.org.uk, especially if you have photos/videos.
  9. rosa

    Tranmere (A)

    Got a spare adult ticket going for this if anyone is already in Liverpool/Tranmere and needs one
  10. Apparently Dan Gardner is gonna be on talk sport 2 in a bit talking about it.
  11. rosa

    Cambridge (H)

    There's plenty of shit keepers in this division. If you don't buy a ticket you don't win the raffle.
  12. rosa

    Tranmere (A)

    I'm kind of dreading this. I'd love nothing more than us beating them but I fear it's got an Ollie Banks hat trick written all over it. I desperately hope I'm wrong.
  13. rosa

    Cambridge (H)

    First half was as poor as I've seen us but they were three very entertaining goals for us. I love this league. Football is magnificent.