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  1. Yeah alright no need to rub your wealth in our faces you flash bastard.
  2. I've got the Road To Wigan Pier lined up on audiobook, will definitely check the other two out.
  3. Fuck's sake, I wouldn't have bought one of the old terraces if I'd known they were building houses next to my seat.
  4. Yeah, looked like they were drilling the barrier. Had it come loose? Had it suddenly come loose enough to need drilling during the match?
  5. Anyone know what the drilling at the front of the RRE was all about?!
  6. Have now got Thunderstruck by AC/DC in my head. "you've been...... COUNTER CUNT!" doesn't even make sense. Not arsed.
  7. Ah, 1984. Great novel about totalitarianism and censorship. Wonder what he'd make of calls to ban someone from an internet forum in 2019 for calling a cunt a cunt. From his musings on swearing in Down And Out In Paris And London, I think that he would think it was bollocks. "Of its very nature swearing is as irrational as magic—indeed, it is a species of magic."
  8. Branger Engone, and not just to annoy @lookersstandandy. He was an absolute powerhouse. Another brilliant game for both Missilou and Maouche as well.
  9. Kilmarnock seem to be thriving without him.
  10. You can talk. Excellent cause, will chip in on Friday (payday). Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  11. Crystal. Couldn't finish my pint. It was our performance but in a glass.
  12. And now neither can I. (That and Iko Iko)
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