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40 minutes ago, al_bro said:

We can only spend 55% of the £4m. on the wage bill. I think I read somewhere on here that the wage bill was cut to £1.2m. this season, when it could be £2.2m. AL must be using the £1m. to pay off previous debts.

AL is obviously balancing the books that might have been cooked in readiness for another season down here and if he can't hold it together until his last throw of the dice next, he'll be off 

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26 minutes ago, Dave_Og said:

I wonder if he was an early AL man

He wasn't, as his agent was Mustafa Mahmood & part of Inspire sports Management.  (It was 2016-seems ages ago). But highly likely they know each other. Mahmood is/was Matt Smith's cleint, and he sorted out Matt Smiths move to Macclesfield.
(I've followed him on twitter since, rather than geeky knowledge)

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