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  1. What we have here is a striker who scores goals but there are also worrying signs that Dino might suck the life out of him. I refer in particular to the comment by Rowe that Dino wants to improve me in different ways about pressing and a few other things. He knows where the goal is but if he spends the match running around with the rest of them he might forget. Dino let him do the job he has been signed for.
  2. Another chance to squander a six pointer. Who Hoo we could have a new player with ears, possibly a real live striker, on the pitch or will Dino hold him back because he doesn't understand the system. I don't understand the system and I've watched them many times.
  3. Chances of a win against a team that can score goals when we can't. That is a difficult one! Might as well sack Dino now rather than wait if that is what they intend. Offer Shez the right money, probably paid in advance, and he will come but without additions to the squad the struggle will go on.
  4. And so to Stevenage. Well not on a Tuesday evening with strong winds and rain forecast. The game could be a lottery so we could win!
  5. A fair result with each team dominating a half. The inability of either team to convert chances explains why both are basement sides. In the end both goalkeepers culpable. Referee appears to have had a virtual VAR moment. When viewed from touchline I'm told by a Macclesfield supporter that it did look like handball and he thought the 4th official in front of him gave the penalty. In the cold wind the 8 minutes of injury time was painful. On the plus side I thought Carl P the Salford CB was our man of the match with a much better performance than the hapless disinter
  6. Carl is the other Salford lad P something. Two goal scoring starters away at Macclesfield - the omens are good. N'G... I suppose can acceptably be called Chris.
  7. I purchased my season card for this season after finding out that my 30 years support for Latics outweighed all the crap that has hit and is now making it's way to the fan. I still attend matches so I will be at the Carlisle game. The money I gave last year has all gone. My not being there will have no impact. I strongly object to being called a "happy clapper". If you attended matches you would see that those who go are neither happy nor for the most part clapping. From the comments being shouted in the Main Stand Marco and Mo can have no doubt about the strength o
  8. Carl and Mani both to start and score in first 5 minutes! We lose 3 2.
  9. So we can call him Mani - that is a relief. There are two ways of looking at these loans from Salford: 1. Scholes is getting his own back on Marco. 2. These players are being moved out on loan to make space for the signings Salford are going to make in January which will have us all jealous. I prefer the second as that means they might do a job for us. Come on Mani and Carl.
  10. Ah well I have just one set of tickets now but an online system which told me the transaction had not been completed when it was is rather baffling. The second set arrived at lunch time today, I attempted to buy them Monday, and I had to return one set to the ticket office before 3 o'clock today Friday (or you take it up with Macclesfield) in order to get a refund. Being an old codger I could make the journey. Not quite sure what the lesson is. Two trips to boundary park and the loss of the £1 for postage - the system does not allow that to be refunded. But I do have my tickets
  11. Who gives a toss - I'm only going for the beer.
  12. What a fucking shambles. They have taken £28 for the online purchase I tried to make even though the system said the transaction couldn't be completed. They tell me these tickets are in the post - bit slow as the 'aborted' purchase was on Monday. The history of purchases online says I have no history so are they really on their way? They have therefore taken £28 online for tickets allegedly in the post (where are they) and I have paid another £27 at the ticket office for two tickets that they say they will only refund if I go back to the ticket office before 3.00 tomorrow.
  13. So Blitz, clearly a crazy football supporter, decided to put the record straight. He has done this at a meeting and on the podcast. If what he has said is untrue then undoubtedly Marco & Mo now have the opportunity to reply. I know who I believe.
  14. As Blitz attended the meeting with a solicitor we can be fairly confident that what he said can be relied upon. The 'however' however is what he didn't say. As already mentioned the land surrounding the stadium has already generated income and capital receipts. I would guestimate that if he can sell the stadium and builds on little Wembley he won't be that much out of pocket. The point I take from the answers he gave is that much of the speculation about Marco & Mo has some factual basis. There is a way through this but as that depends on Marco & Mo coming to the table
  15. I am giving Piergianni a chance just as I gave Vera a chance - I suspect we will see at Macclesfield so I hope he scores as well. He probably will be an improvement on what we have but given how poor we are that might not mean a lot. Win the next three and we should be safe!
  16. Sorry but don’t you usually loan players from a higher division? Taking a defender who can’t even make the Salford bench is not what I expect or want. However a lesser player who has something to prove must be an improvement on ‘can’t be bothered’
  17. The lack of odds on oddschecker.com for the game is rather weird.
  18. At least it proves there is somebody there. On second thoughts he has gone.
  19. Ta BP1960. Tried that number and it says for enquiries press 0 to which it replies that number is unavailable. How did Marco & Mo ever make any money?
  20. Ta unsworthlatic. I'll wait a bit. Bound to be pay on the day with over a 1,000 tickets available.
  21. Well its a good away day never mind the football. Vera to start and score or was that last year. To the point does anybody know the opening hours for the ticket office? I know they are part time now but not when. I have tried ringing - no reply. I have tried email - no reply. I have tried buying online - didn't work. Have we gone into administration already I wonder?
  22. Just because the land wasn't owned by OAFC (2004) Ltd it doesn't mean that the stand couldn't have been. It all depends on what was agreed between the parties at the time. The suggestion I get from all this is that OMBC might have required ownership of the stand to rest with OAFC (2004) Ltd and this is supported by the apparent subsequent transfer of the stand to Brassbank at what would appear at first sight to be less than market value. The problem for us is that all this makes a transfer of ownership from Marco & Mo less likely particularly if the police decide to get stuck
  23. GET RID of everyone except: Those in italics I can't say Those in bold I would want to have in my squad The rest you would have to keep just to have a match day squad Mo is the best! 20. Zeus de la Paz (2020 plus option) 41. Ellis Allen (youth) 2. Zak Mills (2020) 3. Alex Iacovitti (2021 plus option) 15. Javid Swaby-Neavin (probably 2020 plus option, out on a half-season loan to Radcliffe) 34. Tom Hamer (2022) 47. Taylor Jones (youth) 7. Johan Branger-Engone (2020) Injured? 10. Mohamed Maouche (2020) 11
  24. Fantastic just the player we need! Another for the midfield. What is it about our Sports Director?
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