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Just a friendly bit of advice for tonight...

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A lot of us will no doubt still be on cloud 9 after the heroics of Saturday, which was evident to see on here and still is. This was all in stark contrast to the previous two 1-0 defeats to Port Vale & Walsall where forum members appeared suicidal.


In the event of a defeat tonight, can we please refrain from the usual OTT reactions to a loss, whereby we get tons of threads on how *insert player here" is terrible, how LJ picked the wrong side, how we need to bring reinforcements in quick, how we look to be heading for relegation bla bla bla?


Just a bit of perspective is all I'm asking for. We're playing promotion favourites, and whilst we're coming off an excellent result, who knows how much those heroics took out of the players, and it's not totally unrealistic to say we may not get a result.


On the flipside, you are more than welcome to go potty should we grab another much needed 3pts (although talk of playoffs is equally ludicrous as the doom & gloom merchants post defeat).


Cheers y'all!

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It's like North Korea on here....


Not bad, so it's a genuine website of the people in which all are completely liberated from exploitation and oppression. Where it's members, be they workers, peasants, soldiers or intellectuals, are all the true masters of their destiny and are in a unique position to defend their interests - all in accordance with a people-centric social system.

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A lot of the negative reaction on here is often knee-jerk. But likewise, a lot of the positive reaction is often OTT.


A defeat and we're going down with the worst manager since the last one.


A victory and we're a step closer to an unlikely play off spot with a bright, young manager.


We are too unpredictable and we all have different expectations hence why opinions differ so much.

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Wolves were a good organised team, backed each other up no more than 15ft apart from each other, fast on the break too.


A good game to watch, shame we caved inthe last 10 mins, missed the third with some silly idiot in the rre setting off a bloody flare.


Ox kept us in it with some good saves in the first half.


Not too disappointed with the result.


Should have used the wings more in the second half....oh well and referee you stole the show...

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OK, own up, who left when the third went in....

Stayed til the end.


Missed the bus as a result and had to pay on the tram to make the train.


I might need to reevaluate this holier-than-thou you-never-leave-before-the-final-whistle philosophy.

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