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Corney + New Director on GMR Monday 18:00

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Don't blame Corney for any of this :censored:...only one person to blame for all this and he ain't here!!!


Corney backed him to the hilt as he has always done...spends money on Murphy, gets Wilkinson in and spends money on Poleon. #man persuades Holden to abandon Walsall to come in as 1st team coach and then promptly f###s off at the first opportunity!


I just hope Corney gives him some major grief in his radio slot....if he'd done that to me I would have been serving a prison term now....what a tw##!!!!!

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Well now that was fun! Three goal giver Kean but we were always going to lose and nice to relax after only a minute.


It seems LJ was regarded as the great white hope, I mean great but not in terms of stature, and believed by all at Boundary Park. That he fell out with Corney and then the club when we failed to sign Evans adds a different light. He has been looking for a way out and upwards for some time.


So what you see is not what you get and penniless Latics will come out of this worse than before we knew his name. Hope Corney tells it as it is on Monday. Come on Simon let rip.

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If he says some of what I have heard over the last week and beyond it will be well worth the listen guys.......I was fortunate to have 20 mins on the phone with SC and let's just say Brighton wasn't the only one!

Doesn't surprise me if he applied to every man and his dog...he ran out of ideas...the fact his Chronicle story says it all happened after the orient game is a load of bollox...100 page dossier doesn't write itself!

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I'm not sure what more Corney can actually do? We are up for sale, restricted by FFP regarding what can be spent and there is a stand being built to bring more cash in. The only thing I can see him do is drop the asking price to speed up an exit but this is unlikely as TTA are banking on recouping on their investment. All we can hope for is for some mental Latics fan to win big on the euromillions and then spunk it into the club.

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