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Would you take a chancer?

Would you take a chancer?  

73 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would you prefer to be running OAFC?

    • Simon Corney or a similar chararacter who will carefully manage the club and its finances. The club is highly unlikley to be promoted but will not go down and has a future at this level
    • A maverick / chancer who will put some serious cash in short term but is open and honest that it is not sustainable. They will give us a real chance of getting promotion but if we fail after 2 attempts we go bust

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There is a lot of debate at the moment as to whether Simon Corney has taken the club as far as he can. In fact, I think that debate has been going on for several years but it seems to be coming to a head in the wake of Lee Johnson's departure.


When Chris Moore left a little over a decade ago much was said about the imporatnce of ensuring that we never got ourselves back into a position where someone like him was able to gamble with the future of the club.


I have sensed, however, that following 10 years of stability (and although it might not feel like it, that is exactly what we have had) this viewpoint may have changed from a section of the fanbase.


Simon, and his two former partners, have made a lot of mistakes over the years, be it demolishing the Lookers, giving the job to the wrong managers, trying to sign rapists and a whole world of other ****. That said, they have kept us in League one. That is actually a pretty big achievement as a lot of bigger clubs than ourselves have found themselves dropping into League two or even the Conference.


As a simple question, knowing what we know now, would you be happy to take a gamble even if you knew that it could cost us our club? Plesae think it through, I am genuinely suggesting that this could leave us with no football club to watch on a Saturday but I am also suggesting that it would result in at least a couple of exciting sesaons and could result in us going up.

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The option you pose isn't available. Under Financial Fair Play the club has to put an estimate of income and wages etc. expenditure at the start of the season and then make monthly returns to confirm they are sticking to the 65% rule. You can only include income from the first round of a cup. Sanctions would be imposed very quickly - financial and transfer embargo.


What you have to do is inflate income i.e. build a new stand and hope more people attend because it is new. I think it has been reported that any other income generated from the new stand is being siphoned off and will not benefit the club or the wages budget.


The logical consequence is that from the top of Premiership to the bottom of league two rankings will eventually be determined by your season ticket and gate receipts.


One way to improve our match day experience would be to throw out all the so called supporters who seem to attend just so they can moan - the little :censored: was right in this respect.

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I originally went for B. I changed my mind after Corney's interview. He really sounds like he still wants the best from the club so I feel B will be silly and A won't fully happen.


I believed LJ though, so what do I know?

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Option A all day long, but I'm grateful to Latics and England for lodging Take A Chance On Me by Abba firmly in my head.

Thank :censored: its not just me. All day at work to the annoyance of workmates, "If you change your mind, I'm the first in line"

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