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Dunn expected to ring the changes on Saturday...

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So, who's for the chop?


Also I don't agree with him going public about the tactics he's going to use 2 days before the game. I'm sure there are plenty of ways that they could beat us anyway but we don't need to make it any easier for them!

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Not sure what he can change at the back really....


I would think....


dunningham (if fit and still with us? Excuse the spelling of wrong)








Jones/Gio (young lad from MK)





Wellens is cup-tied

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Have to start calling you Yarddog...




I was buzzing when Dunn signed as a player and desperately wish he still was.

If the tactics & motivation start to be good & produce decent performances and/or results I'll give credit where it's due...


Nowt personal, I'd love him to do well for us....


Currently he isn't.


Apologies if my lack of an agenda disappoints you...

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That should be the team.

Its the same as what I"d play, only one loanee in Dummigan, the only loanee who actually improves us. Edited by yarddog73
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He can play Jenny and Barry in midfield with Chaddy the owl up front for all I care, after that gutless showing at Crewe last weekend am having a break from it all for a while,shame really a few weeks ago I was well up for sheff utd!! Fair shout to the few hundred what will travel up there you must have been priscribed stronger tablets than me..

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I took a neutral fan to the Crewe game, according to him our best player was Kelly but Ray Charles could have seen that, the only other players he'd keep in the side were Philiskirk, Yeates and Brown.


Hopefully Fuller's Dutch elm disease has cleared up and he doesn't just stand around on the pitch waiting for the game to happen around him. He might even put a shift in with the FA Cup cameras on him.

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