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We have won 2 of the last 19 home games, I can't recall a worse run in my time watching Latics, if we are to stay up a massive turnaround in form will be needed.

We will probably have to win 6 or 7 of the remaining 13 games to have a realistic chance and that is provided our average away record continues!


Home games remaining;


# bottom half teams


Doncaster #

Colchester #



Blackpool #


P Vale

Swindon #


Chesterfield #


Crewe #



I wouldn't like to be needing wins in our last 3 games, of which, 2 are against probable promotion contenders!

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I think we will go and do what as we normally do we will go and get some random wins against decent opposition.

I have been thinking a lot about this recently and what concerns me is what happened to Orient last season, a side that like us, where solid enough a league one side to stay up. A poor run of form and they couldn't turn it around in time. Plus they had changes in managers and some off the field problems too.

If we are to stay up we need the impetuous of wins over Christmas to move us on. A bad Christmas/new year period would see us struggle to turn things around. It's going to be a close run thing, that's for sure.

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Peterborough are giving their fans cash-back for every home goal they score. Sounds like the perfect idea for Latics; make your fans feel valued but don't have to shed a penny. Brilliant.



So an actual financial incentive for not attacking at home that would send the conspiracy theorists into overdrive. How about the other way round if we fail to score the fans get their money back?


Also at 10p a goal the chances are by the end of the season most fans won't be able to afford a can coke.

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I don't think I'd be anywhere near as fed up with Latics if our home form wasn't as bad as it is. I can cope - always have done - with being generally :censored: away. Win our usual 2 or 3 on the road. But, and this stems right back to our Premier League times, we've always lost at least 6 home matches every season. It's never been a fortress really, apart from half a season here and there. The going to a home match expecting us not to lose is pretty much alien.

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Is only one home league win before Christmas some sort of record for us or have we had a worse start that that?

Good question

In 68/9 we had two - and the second was on Dec 20th - it was against Walsall . We won 1-0 and there were just 2086 watching, including me.


Same in 47/8 with second victory coming on Dec 20th again


BUT --in 1920/21 after winning our first home game 1-0 against Blackburn , we didn't have a victory at Boundary Park until Dec 25 th (remember matches used to be played on Christmas Day) against Bradford. So not before Christmas .

So the answer to your question is no this season isn't a record , but it seems we've not had a less successful pre-Christmas home record either


Ps at least this season we've had a home Cup victory. In 1920 we didn't .

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93/94 we had two and went down (Norwich & Swindon)

96/97 we had 3 and went down (port vale, Oxford and man city)

09/10 we had 3 and stayed up comfortably (Carlisle, Dongs and Exeter)



Current home form suggests relegation and by some margin unless we see a massive up turn we need a minimum of 7/8 wins from the last 25 games the next four games (3 at home) are season defining imo. Dunn's tactic of playing for a draw until we go behind will not keep us up but I feel he knows no other way of setting his stall out.

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Previous seasons tallies in league one on Christmas Day


97/98 37 pts

98/99 18 pts - stayed up on last day

99/00 23 pts

00/01 24 pts

01/02 33 pts

02/03 45 pts

03/04 26 pts

04/05 25 pts stayed up on last day

05/06 28 pts

06/07 39 pts

07/08 32 pts

08/09 37 pts

09/10 25 pts

10/11 29 pts

11/12 27 pts

12/13 26 pts

13/14 23 pts

14/15 33 pts

15/16 20 pts

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Previous seasons tallies in league one on Christmas Day



14/15 33 pts



When you look at that, it highlights just what a 12 months it's been..... and why some fans are frustrated with DD for not taking this into consideration when a bit of dark humour is employed to alleviate the stress/boredom. Having said that, I don't like the negative songs myself as I don't think it helps us achieve what all want in the long run.


We were hammered by MK Dons 7-0 just prior to this.... which with the benefit of hindsight must've left some lasting mental scars that can be seen in the P'boro and Southend beatings this season.


However, a combination of;


Flirtation with controversial player and accompanying media scrum having unsettling effect.

Manager being sold.

A seeming lack of ambition to commit to that competitive start.

Worst managerial appointment you could imagine. - I don't think I'll ever reconcile with this one!

Reset button pressed again.


It is without doubt bitterly disappointing..... however I still have enough of a burning flame to want to get behind DD and however he reshapes the team next month.


Come on Oldham.... we can get out of this.

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