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Where will we finish this season?

Where will we finish the season?  

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  1. 1. Where will we finish the season?

    • Top 2
    • Playoff Places
    • Comfortably mid table
    • Narrowly avoid relegation
    • Relegation

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I don't share this optimism. 13th is as good as it will get - and it will still be a massive achievement.



^^This. I genuinely believe we have a better first XI than most who will be in the bottom half. The squad is thinner than Posh spice though and as soon as anyone loses form, gets injured, is sold or suspended - we are in trouble.

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I need another option on the poll. One between narrowly avoid relegation and comfortable mid table.......lower mid table in other words.


I'm thinking 14th is about right, ties in with PD's year on year progression and takes into account the fact that we look to have a very good starting X1 but lack strength in depth.


....and I'd be pretty satisfied with that too.

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As others have said, keep the first eleven fit and we could be pleasantly surprised ( maybe top ten )........but that is very unrealistic and when injuries/suspensions kick in then our lack of depth will hamper us.

I'm going into the season in a positive frame of mind though.

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I'm the eternal optimist and predict top 10 every season. I'd be amazed if we match or better last season unless we add at least 2 more players but even then additions with proven ability rather than potential.


We've only improved at LB and RM from last season and currently weaker at CD, RB, LW and up front. Shuffle the pack with Byrne at CD and Brown at RB and it could improve a little.


We're relying too much on potential and avoiding injury that worries me. We've never been blessed with key players remaining fit all season and if the same applies this season then the heart of midfield could be ripped apart with nobody decent ready to step in.


Up front and on the left is a major concern.


Reliable service proved to be effective on Monday with Croft so we need to replicate on the left flank.


We need a proven striker though. Slew may have been PDs #1 target and shows potential and promise. We over rely on key players, which is our ever repeating downfall, so young Jordan needs another to deliver the goals when he's misfiring or to provide a plan B.


A VERY big season for Smith, Taylor and our youth players and I really, really want two or three to prove PD right, answer the doubters and set the league talking.




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If we avoid injury we can finish 6/7. However, we have little on the bench to cover for any injuries therefore another mid-table finish is likely.

If Furman and Wes can play over 35 games together in the upcoming season we might surprise a few. If they play the 20 or so games together they did last season we are probably going to struggle

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Theres no way in gods earth our best starting 11 is going to play all season together and we're gonna finish top 10. There's a reason its a squad game. People will get injured, suspended, dips in form, tiredness etc and to be honest even on Monday with nobody out injured we had little on the bench and alot of people are worrying about Cliff and Tarks, half of our first team defense! Im not a pessimist I'm a realist we'll do well to finish where we did last season. Im sure every club in the league could say they'll do well with their first 11. Lets hope we get afew more bodies in that will actually strength the team.

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