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Fleetwood 0-2 Oldham

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Win on Tuesday and we could quite easily get some real momentum going. Good to here Biggie Poleon played well.

Held the ball up really well and caused them problems. Him and AMS really disrupted their defence and won every second ball, chased them down at every opportunity and let the midfielders get into play.


I hope there's more to come but there were signs of improvements from him. Scuffed a couple of very decent chances. Maybe if he puts one away he'll get on a run.

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Well that that was a horrible journey home, but what a team effort today, as good as Winny and Big George were, Liam Kelly that was a damm near perfect performance. Won everything in the middle of the park, played the easy stuff as it should be and vocal with it, he allows Jones more freedom which creates problems for the opposition. Also a special mention for Chubs absolutely solid, Conor Brown apart from from one mistake played well, and Brian Wilson had his best game for a long time.

What a top notch atmosphere from start to finish and well done to the Fleetwood stewards, sociable and sensible.

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