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Realistic Expectations


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  1. 1. Where do you expect us to finish now?

    • Higher Mid-Table [7-11]
    • Lower Mid-Table [12-16]
    • Just above relegation [17-20]
    • Relegation Places [21-24]

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21 points off 6th


7 straight wins in the league - thats the target for the short term to the team - 1 down this coming saturday, 6 to go.


We can do it and NEED to do it.


i'm being positive, but thats just me i guess - doubt we will get there but rather aim for something like that than 'just doing enough'

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As good as the signings we've made seem to be, we have absolutely no idea how well the team will play together and, arguably more importantly, whether or not Dickov will play to their strengths.


I don't think Corney or Dickov could done anymore than they have done this week, but Walsall are a team who have been on a very good run prior to last Saturday and Yeovil are in 7th having won 4 straight games. We've given ourselves a good chance but to win those games this team needs to play well immediately.


From now on in safety should be the only thing on our minds until it's mathematically confirmed. Anything else (cup included) is a bonus.

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This blog is mad! It's either doom and gloom or unreasonable expectations.


We are where we are because of the tactics used and the lack of desire. If the tactics change and if the players can show 90% of the effort and desire to win as they did against Liverpool we can beat anybody in league 1.


Murray is unlikely to be able to play a full game and in any case do we want him to play with Wes in the midfield?


Obita is another youngster here for experience who the last time we saw him got stupidly sent off. We have our own youngsters. Bringing in loan players to take their place can not have cheered them up one little bit, they want to play and from what we have seen I would rather take the devil we know. Iwelumo does not score many goals and I don't think his signing will improve our team, but with the injury to Smith we do need him. Barnard does appear to be a good signing but is he better than Derbyshire. I hope so.


We got into this mess with Baxter, Derbyshire and Wabara. Can we get out of the mess with Baxter, Murray, Iwelumo, Barnard and Obita having lost Montano and M'Changama and with Smith and Simpson injured. (Just read about Croft - he don't score but he does assist). Our attacking options are at best no better and where is the cover for the defence given that Tarky has brittle feet.


It will all come down to tactics and desire. Will the players who have lacked that desire put their bodies on the line as they did against Liverpool against Walsall, Yeovil and MK Dons when Everton are just round the corner? Has our stubborn manager seen the light and will he change his tactics?

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