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So why post the thread? I just can't get my head around it.

Because we're :censored: in all honesty. I'd quite happily post if we'd played well but after 25 minutes or 90 minutes, it's my take on the performance. The title was probably provoking but, all the positivity aside, it is what it is.

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What a waste of £20. Might not be looking good but there's still time. Never get people who leave any game early, even by a few minutes, might miss something.


I heard a couple of Dale fans left their Chesterfield game early the other day at 0-2...


EDIT: See, already missed one goal.

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Why slag the guy off?


I'm freezing my tits off and thoroughly pissed off with yet another inept home display.


Does anybody genuinely feel any differently??


I'll be on my way if it doesn't change after 5 minutes of the 2nd half.

Well, it can't get any worse can it?


Defence is terrible

Good tactical substitutions

Players will have no confidence, they need lifting


If we show some spirit and score one, then you never know


I know I'm dillusional , and very cold

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Peterborough were 2 nil down at home to Notts County after 5 minutes midweek , only got back in the game after sending off (Notts County 3-0 down at home today).


Pathetic , clueless ,gutless , losers ......and how many of these guys will sleep badly tonight ????

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