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Courtney Meppen Walter

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A Carlisle supporting mate of mine reckons we're signing him.Just been released by them,has potential but didn't seem to want it enough according to my mate.

well, that fits the bill. someone who can't be arsed.


just looked him up. I remember him killing someone. he didn't look that arsed then either.

Please, NO!

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Jesus :censored:ing wept. The lad (nice boy) deserves to rebuild his life - sorry to link to the Mail - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1075409/CCTV-Courtney-Meppen-Walter-accident-BBC-3-documentary.html he did what thousands of other young pricks have done and drove like a dick and has to live with the consequences of that choice but would prefer it to be elsewhere.

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Think this lad deserves a chance he was only 18. Not like Lee Hughes. He has real promise and a player I will look forward to watching. Think we need to stop this tirade of moaning, we bring players in when people say we need reinforcements and just because he has a past it's not good enough for them! Let's just see how the team looks in January before panic sets in!

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