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Bolton (A)

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I know it's a month off yet, but for those who weren't aware it's Bolton Beer Festival on the day of the game and it's held at the Macron.


No away fans allowed, however their official Twitter handle did message me to say that the general public, as well as Bolton fans, are allowed entry, so as long as we aren't wearing colours we should be OK.


He did advise getting a ticket in advance though, and they're only £2 for 11am til 2pm before the game.

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£26 for adults. Robbing bastards. Time the fa capped ticket prices like they have for premier league teams. Us charging £24 and bolton £26 is ridiculous for league 1.


It's a disgrace.


Will knock a solid 500+ off our following I'd bet. Even more farcical when you consider City fans will have payed £30 for a ticket to Old Trafford to watch some of the best players in the world.

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Think the bottom tier holds around 2.5-3k do we reckon we could fill it?


Think they only allow the bottom tier to be filled halfway along, then release tickets for the top tier if required. Can't see us taking 3k as it stands; 2k more realistic, but at £26 that might even be a stretch.


Club coach FIFTEEN QUID!!! :laught30:


They're on crack, them folk inside Boundary Park!


It was £12 to Preston and it's £15 to Fleetwood!

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Club coach is a disgrace, daylight robbery and one of the reasons we rarely take more than the one, I know that there's few fans left but the policy of milking every last penny can hardly be seen as an affective one. Sponsored by Swans - my arse.


I would've said this 5 years ago but I'd actually say it's usually quite reasonable for most trips now.


This particular trip is weirdly inconsistent with regular pricing though. Preston being £3 cheaper when it's 20 miles further than Bolton seems plain weird.

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After much thought about going to this match, I've decided that at £26 it's just too much and I won't be going to support my team. Yes it could have been £30 and to be honest the actual money isn't the issue as I work hard and have more than enough at my disposal. I'm concerned about football clubs fleecing us loyal supporters and I do wonder where it will end, £30+ before long?? Shame as I haven't been to that ground, but I'm no mug. Enjoy the game and don't spend any pennies on the concourse.

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