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Ollie Banks

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People mentioning him in insulting posts on twitter again. We really do know how to 'support' our players at this club. Also, a few on here saying fane isn't good enough etc, etc. Some people need to stop going off their first instincts when it comes to a player. Everyone seems to want those they say are crap straight away, to fail. Instead of hoping they prove them wrong, it's fucking embarrassing. Just accept you get some wrong from time to time and actually support our players for a change.  Just a thought, like. Rant over. 

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10 minutes ago, deyres42 said:

Nice kid by all accounts, shame people feel the need to make it personal.


6 minutes ago, the_mighty_bosh said:




As frustrating a player as he is to watch, there's no way that he deserves any personal abuse.

Agree too, he came across really well in the AskBanks or AskOllie with Sam on the Official.

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I have had the pleasure of meeting him and he is a nice lad. Can never understand why people make it personal, I assume its lack of intelligence. He is not the worst footballer we have seen but unfortunately it isn’t working out for him here and I think it would suit both parties if he moved on. Good luck to him and I hope he finds a club in January 

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1 hour ago, we hate man,u and city to said:

Also, I know it's very unlikely but, if banks turns out to be a good player, why would he want to come back? Same with doyle and PNE, (i don't know if they made it personal on social media tbh). Obviously didn't rate him but, our now contemplating him going back though. 


Culture of social media unfortunately. People often act like 10 man behind a twitter account and hide behind the term "Banter" as a way of justify being obnoxious.


Its probably the right thing to do to get him out on loan and look to move him on from a footballing point of view. I actually think he is a decent league 2 midfielder so he should do pretty well there.

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It amuses me that when I posted my opinion of him not being good enough pointing out flaws in his game during Sheridan's return which saw us survive i took some abuse (par for the course). Some saw him as a good league 1 player.


Id bet some of those defending him have since taken to twitter to abuse him the fickle bunch of scallywags!


I'm sure he is a very nice but he's being paid far to much to be a below standard in league 1. Good luck at Tranmere I hope he regains his confidence for a go at league 2.

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1 hour ago, Monty Burns said:

In fact having seen some of the stuff he ocassionally did, I would go as far as to say that the fact he is such a nice person is why he isn't going to make it as a Footballer.

That's probably it. Maybe why he gets more abuse too, can see that there could be a half decent player in there but, doesn't put a shift in compared to others. 

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