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Wakefield - Oldham RIP

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Just to let people know on here that my precious brother died in the early hours of Monday morning, he had been diagnosed with Cancer but it was a brain anuerism that killed him, to say we are devastated is not the right words, he leaves a wife and two beautiful children Nathan aged 8 years and Charlotte aged 5 years.


He was a mad mad latics supporter and used to love coming on here, he live din Oldham all his life uptil about 5 years ago he moved to Wakefield for his job, he hated it up there, he always wanted to come back home. Well he is coming back home, he is being cremated at Oldham Crem and his wake is being held in his beloved pub The Pleasant in Royton were we spent many many a happy day/night in there.


He had so many friends it was unreal, to many to mention and I think he had some on here that knew him, if you werent his *friend* on facebook or went int he Pleasant they I should imagine you don tknow so this is to let people know.


He loved Latics, just like our dad loved Latics, he hadnt been for a while, money issues and travelling but he always always wanted to know everything about latics and he was planning a trip to Wembley to watch them in this cup when or if they get back there. Fingers crossed they do!!


He was also a regular in the Clayton Arms before they knocked it down if people can remember him, ginger hair, quite big and very very loud!!


Anyway, just wanted to write this and let people know, I know how close nit you Latics supporters are, I am writing this on my hubbies log in, he wont mind, he's devastated to he they went everywhere together watching Latics,up and down gthe country, and one day he said he was going to write a book about his and his mates awayday experditions, unfortunately he wont be able to now.


The clud today have given his friend some grass cuttings from the pitch that we willput in his coffin and we can scatter some of his ashes onthe pitch if we want and his song at his funeral will be Mouldy Old Dough, sums him up top a tee!


RIP Martin, a heart of gold, would do anything for anybody and a die hard latics supporter. Is going to be terribly missed by family and friends.


Your heartbroken sister


Janet xxxxxx

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Very sorry to hear of your loss Janet. I only met your brother once - he'd made me a Latics planter and a special Strongbow one-off planter as a present for my brother-in-law, and came over from Wakefield with his lad to deliver them for me. Seemed like a very likeable and genuine guy.


Too sad.


Our thoughts are with you and his family, and in particular his young 'uns.

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I have today changed my OWTB photo on my profile to show my good friend Martin Athorn who has just passed away at such a young age, ( if my logo is still showing The PistonBroke club, just click on it and you'll see Martin's picture). I went on many and many away trips with Martin for many years and each trip we had we had so much fun and met many new friends along the way, train, coach, car, bus, hitch hike we've done the lot, win or lose we had a booze, im sure many of you knew Martin, he was the kindest, funiest and most friendly guy i've ever met, we had many a good night with the supporters club in the 80s-90s, we had such a laugh on Roger Palmer's testamonial do's especially the trip to Bernard Mannings. If you ever met Martin i'm sure he'll have told you that he taught Earl Barratt everything that he knew about footy, Martin was at his school and Martin was the team captain and their best player - so he told me anyway...

Martin's favourite player as far as i can remember was Vic Halom, king of all Geordies. It would be good if anyone who knew him came up to the Pleasant Inn and had a drink or 2 with us, most of you know Wayne Hurst, who i know very well, If you cant make it, please just give an extra cheer at the next Latics match on behalf of Merp.

RIP Merp, you'll never be forgotten, but you'll always be missed... yours Craig Simpson

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. The clubs thoughts are with you.


If there is anything I can do please contact me by PM. I am sure that if you want any recognition through a club that your brother clearly loved you would feel just a little better.


Barry Owen

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