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Courtney Duffus Get well soon

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CD has tweeted an instagram picture of him in a hospital bed with a form of pleurisy.  Hope h recovers quickly.

Not enough detail to say how long out, but days to weeks it would seem (Rude Medic)

Says it's been a little while so epxlains not starting so well for us


That;s one of the injuries definitely an injury though.


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Just now, robboman said:

Hes just tweeted a picture, basically saying ''back soon''


I was thinking about when he's coming back myself earlier ... 

I know he's been seriously ill, and still a young prospect, but i wonder how he'll get on with the new regime and how others have started to play with confidence.

What a squad that would be with Doyle n Davies starting and Duffus waiting in the wings to finish teams off with fast attacking pace (assuming we can get the best from him) ..

Only time will tell .. 


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How we're playing at the moment, I completely forgot we had Duffus.  This is a lad who came with immense promise who would energise our forward line.  


Exciting that we'll soon have him back plus Davies and Doyle.  Just hoping his return doesn't coincide with Doyle returning to his parent club but we keep both of them. 

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