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Queensy Menig

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I hope nobody minds me starting a new topic, since we're past the deadline and it's hard to keep track of where the posts end up, but this was posted a few hours ago:




Based on some Google Translate work and editing, it seems to say:


"Recruited on the last day of [the Mercato?] and then loaned to Oldham Athletic (D3 English) in the stride, Queensy Menig (ex-Ajax Amsterdam, 22 years) could return sooner than expected to FC Nantes. Indeed, as he hinted to Ouest-France [a newspaper, I think], Waldemar Kita is pleased with his acquisition ... And does not rule out giving him his chance sooner than expected."We do not want to precipitate things but we allow ourselves to get him back in January. No sooner had the planes made us sign (?) that some clubs offered to buy it," enthused the president of FCN."


That sounds like a year-long loan with a recall clause, or maybe a six-month loan, on the cards. We already have five loan signings, but I think the restriction is on the number on your teamsheet, so in theory we could drop one (Wilson?) and still have him on board.


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From Twitter:


Een dubbel Avontuur voor Queensy Menig. Van #Ajax naar #Nantes, en op huurbasis direct weer door naar Oldham Athletic. Succes Queensy!


Translated from Dutch by Bing:  A double adventure for Many Queensy. Of #Ajax to #Nantes, and immediately on loan to Oldham Athletic. Queensy Success!



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23 minutes ago, robboman said:


Confirmed on Nantes official , oldham loan



The translation:

FC Nantes looks to the future
At the end of the session, FC Nantes, Ajax Amsterdam and promising young Queensy Menig found an agreement to transfer the 22-year-old left-winger to FC Nantes.
Formed at the prestigious Academy of Ajax Amsterdam, Queensy Menig will be lent this season to the club of Oldham, England, to continue to gain experience outside France where the regulations did not allow him to be loaned by FC Nantes this season.
International U17 with the Netherlands, Queensy Menig is the winner of the U17 European Championship (2012).
Since then, he has been selected in all the national selections of the Netherlands.
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1 hour ago, Markspark92 said:

How can he sign though the window is closed don't think the loan window exists anymore ? 


Probably done and dusted before the window closed and the club are waiting until he's over here before announcing it.

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