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League Tables 14.09.2019


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If Grimsby hadn't equalised in the last minute, there would have been no fewer than 23 correct final score predictions across the four divisions. That would have made a fair old difference to the tables.


Premier League

@singe escapes the clutches of relegation, his 6 points taking him 7 places up the table as @rosa holds on to top spot. @rudemedic moves out of the relegation places, to be replaced by @youngen and @JoeP is in danger now. The biggest drop was down 5 places by @nzlatic





@LaticsPete was the highest scorer, his 9 points (including exactly 100 off the attendance) taking him up 7 places into the play offs as @yarddog73 edges ever closer. The top four stay the same, but @Harry Bosch is putting pressure on @Stevie_J. There is no change to the bottom five and @Oafc1895 drops 7 places as he failed to post a prediction.




League 1

The 8 point haul by @oafcmad09 takes him 20 points clear at the top with @Brisbaneblue getting closer and @the_mighty_bosh (the only one to pick up attendance points) moving into the play offs. There were no predictions from @L1onheartNew, @LT_SMASH and @Ryan and it's as you were with the bottom four.




League 2

6 points was the best in the division, by @laticsrblue (only 7 off the attendance and up 4 places to 7th) and @oafc21. Leading the pack is still @RobOAFC, despite failing to post a prediction, allowing @Sparkleking to get within 2 points. @jbroyton only missed the attendance by three and @sjk2008 didn't post at all, falling 4 places nearer the National League




It was @jbroyton who missed the attendance by 3, not @Jimbooth. All the points and positions were (and are), however, correct.

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