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Not bothered posting in a while due to my general apapthy regarding my support of the club at the moment, but really? What utterly random timing. A full 6 days after saying in a statement they were fully behind him.


I expected to see that he'd resigned when I clicked on the link on Facebook but nope, sacked. And nepo to Chesterfield aswell? What the fuck is going in? Genuinely believed he was one of if not our best player 

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This is a joke 

I was so surprised at possibly our best player going to the team at the bottom of the national league 🤦‍♂️


Then Banide went i was shocked but though ok hopefully we can sign somebody decent now,


then I saw this new manager and read into him and he’s just been sacked from the team at the rock bottom in our league, if he’s not successful there I really do begin to wonder how he’s going to do with abdullah bossing him around

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