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OWTB.co.uk Needs You!

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Friends, Gentlemen (and women), Children of all ages, lend me your ears.


Since our inception in 2007 OWTB.co.uk has always strived to offer the best possible services to fans. Once, many moons ago, we made a £23 profit on the sale of some childish t-shirts and, no word of a lie, we blew most of it on drugs and hookers. As you can imagine the quality of both was low.


However, that lavish extravagance aside, the site has always been run on an ‘at cost’ basis, our intention only to ever break even and not have to personally pay for the service we provide you (as we did in the early years). We’ve done this through many ways including the aforementioned t-shirt sales, a brief period as the Club’s official site and most recently thanks to the very kind people at RedStar.


However we’re now reaching a point where User numbers and site usage are exceeding the allowance of our supplier and thus leading to periods of downtime for Users (when the site is down we do our best to provide updates via Facebook). The resolution to this downtime has been for us to pay out of our own pockets the shortfall in costs due to the high usage.


With Everton around the corner we’re keen to ensure that OWTB is up and running to the absolute best of our ability and to do that we need your help in covering costs. Moving to a subscription or paid service would only ever be the absolute last step for us and so we’re instead asking those of you who feel we offer something no one else does to help out with those costs. If you can chip in a fiver or even a tenner to help ensure OWTB.co.uk is available to all we’d be very, very grateful.


You can make a donation right now to support OWTB.co.uk and as little or as much as you can give will be very much appreciated. If we somehow make more money than we could ever possibly need then please note we will not return to our wayward ways, but will instead save the money for a rainy day or donate it to Playershare!


To make a donation via PayPal please click here and make your payment payable to owtb.co.uk@gmail.com



Cheers, we really appreciate the support!


The OWTB Team

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I'll donate when I get back home in a bit. But I'll make it clear that I want super fan status, a plaque on the wall at OWTB HQ and I wanna be able to drop the C-BOMB on here whenever I want!



Nah seriously, id be lost without OWTB so keep up the good work guys...you bunch of c......

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Many thanks for the donations so far. We will now be able to ensure Feb is interruption free !!


With PayPal and fees associated if you do wish to donate please send via payment to friends or family so PayPal transfers for free. Charges are made when receiving money on PayPal.

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Would like to donate but happy to avoid paypal and not knowing who you are! I go to games via the Rifle Range and sit with the Main Stand moaners. Any chance of someone wearing a red blue carnation or sending the lass with or without the pole?



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To those who've already donated a MASSIVE thank you!


We appreciate PayPal isn't ideal in some cases but it's the most simple and quick way to enable this - hopefully if we have to reach out again (and I certainly hope we don't!) then we can do something else too.


However if you are at games and want to make a donation then Ric's your man - as the other Admin's are exiles!

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