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Johnson to Barnsley

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Not sure if they've suspended betting on him, but there is no odds for him at the moment.


Gary Johnson is 1/3.



Still showing as LJ on mine.


Gary 14's now with Bet Victor. Sure he wasn't even in the betting when I first read this thread

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It would be a massive blow if Lee went. He is building something here and I fear that could all fall apart if he left.


For what it's worth, though, I think he would be stupid to leave right now and I don't think he is so he'll stay.


There is no way that Oldham Athletic has the ambition to match Lee's in the long term but right now he couldn't be anwhere better for his own development. He has a chairman who backs him (I know that Simon doesn't get everything right by any stretch of the imagination but I think he'd be good to work for) and he is developing a team that can over-perform. For him to move elsewhere he is only going to pile additional pressure on himself and get less time to achieve what he wants to achieve.


I would expect Lee to stay until the end of next season and see how far he can take the squad he's building. If he takes us into the play-offs at that point he will have developed a reputation that would get him a better job than Barnsley

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Realistically the earliest us or Barnsley would be promoted is the end of next season. If he stays here, I'd say we'd have as much chance of promotion next year as Barnsley.


It'd be a definite sideways move, and he doesn't seem like the type of person who'd be up for that.


EDIT: Latics & England has just put it far better than I have.

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To be honest he's flogging a dead horse here....although he's done a decent job and generally the football has improved the crowds are not coming back.


He would have to get us into the top 3 for any significant increase which on our budget will prove difficult.


He would have a much bigger budget at Barnsley and be able to achieve his goals much quicker. It just depends on his loyalty now. If he has been approached by Barnsley I think he will find it very difficult to turn down.


The only thing in our favour is the amount of managers they've sacked over the last few years.

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