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Betting against your own team - acceptable or not?

Are you a traitor?  

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  1. 1. Do you / would you bet against your own team?

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On the Barnsley game thread there was a bit of discussion about betting against your own team. I thought that it is deserving of its own post.



So historically I have had a few seasons where I have 'consolation bet' - that is whatever result I don't want to happen in a sporting event, I back the other one financially. It means that there is a positive out of a situation I didn't want to occur.


With Latics this meant backing the home side when we were away, and laying Latics for our home games. Dropping points at home generates a profit, and getting nothing from an away trip did the same.



Sadly for the years I have done this it has been more profitable than you would want. Done it a little this season (including an accumulator on Barnsley winning / us losing since LJ left) and again its sadly profitable.


Am I a traitor? Or is it a sensible way of trying to take some of the pain out of the result? Never bet enough to ever find myself wanting the result to go in favour of the bet.




P.S. Stuck a £5 on Barnsley to get promoted as soon as he left at 33/1.

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I've not put a bet on for 20+ years. Last time I did it I had to physically walk in the bookies in Eccles Precinct to put it on, none of this on line :censored:e. I bet on Paul Bernard to score first at about 6 - 1 and won about £30.


I don't see the problem with betting against us. My mate Russ is Latics through and through yet does it all the time. Wins regularly as well. Don't see him as a traitor at all. Just good business sense.

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Do quite a bit of football betting and palmer sums it up for me. I know more about what's going on with us than any other club so if I see decent value in backing the opposition I do it.


Doesn't mean I'm any less gutted when we lose, just my balance is a bit healthier. And I'll soon piss that away elsewhere.

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No harm in betting against my team. I'm not a traitor but purely someone who accepts that we're low on form and the opposition are flying. Me not betting against us will make us win, will it?!


Shame Corney didn't put a couple of million on it so he could then sign a decent manager and support him financially so we were less likely to lose and I'll stop betting against us!

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You should only really ever bet when you have a very good knowledge of the subject matter to a level better than those offering odds. Saturday was so clearly such an occasion.


My first Latics match was in 1982 and since then I've seen one promotion. Anyone saying I shouldn't make the occasional bit of money to cover the cost of following these lemons can :censored: off.

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I did it for the first time on Saturday, felt a little dirty writing the betting slips out but it was quite obvious we'd lose and the prices weren't bad!

£10 on Barnsley at 2/1

£10 on Barnsley -1 handicap at 5/1

£10 on Barnsley ht barnsley ft at 4/1

Tempted to do it on Tuesday unfortunately as I can't see us getting anything from the game, 13/10 best price for outright MK win, might shove £100 on it.

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Everyone get Latics on their bet now.


We'll defintely win if you're betting against us!

Ha ha

this is my logic when I bet against us!

Small amounts goes without saying, never enough where you want us to lose.

But I do it so the pain is eased a bit like everyone AND so that my betting will jinx the opposition and Latics are more likely to win, a double whammy I am happy to take for the win.

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