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Dino Maamria - Departure Watch

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24 minutes ago, fleetwood Blue said:

We may aswell start this topic, i give him 12 games and he will walk due to the constant interference from the Lemmys

He was sacked for being shit and he came here on the chairmans ambition! Je had come here knowing hes a.bitch 

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5 minutes ago, GlossopLatic said:

“I’m hugely excited to join such a historical football club. The vision and ambition of the Chairman was a big factor and the first priority is to stabilise and unite this great football club.”


Great start Dino.

No doubts dictated to him, word for word 😏

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Obvious the target is promotion but the team left isn’t up to it. Will get 10 or so games. If around same point he’ll be gone also. He’ll be different to Banide for sure. Have to see if he can do better but chance of him turning the team into reg winners is very slim they just aren’t up to it 

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Recall an old Rotherham United song from the 1970s - our old striker Rodger Wylde was mentioned as the clown - was at Wednesday at the time


Borrowed the song and changed the words - hope you like it:


There is a circus in the town, in the town

Abdallah Lemsagam is the clown, is the clown

And Mo Lem-sa-gam, Barry Owen too

They're the monkeys in the zoo, in the zoo, in the zoo.....


repeat and fade     

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