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End of 2019/20 season (almost, but not quite)

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Now that the EFL have had their get together, we know that Leagues 1 and 2 have ended, but the Championship will continue. But how does this affect the Prediction League?


Premier League - Champion - @lookersstandandy 

    Relegated - @DavidCollinge, @JoeP, @rudemedic


Championship - Champion - @GlossopLatic   

    Also promoted - @Latics and England 

    Play offs - @JohnnyPimp, @Nohairdontcare, @south east latic, @BP1960  

    Relegated - @Latics_Fanatic, @yarddog23, @maximus1267


League 1 - Champion - @Brisbaneblue 

    Also promoted - @Laticsbiffo

    Play offs - @rvlatic, @oafcmad09, @JohnG123, @Dick_Valentine 

    Relegated - @Gaz_Oafc, @Gary_P, @L1onheartNew


League 2 - Champion - @oafc21

    Also promoted - @CoreyECFC

    Play offs - @alisonh1981, @Sparkleking, @tGWB, @laticsrblue

    Relegated - I doubt we'll be running enough for a National League, so it's academic.

As the games are most likely going to be behind closed doors, there will be no need for attendance predictions.


I'll post all the play off dates and fixtures in another thread



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6 hours ago, JohnnyPimp said:

I finished level on points with @Latics and England.


What are the ‘goal difference’ rules?

Whoever has the most points in each column working left to right, so he had 30 points to your 28 in the W,L,D column and therefore goes above you. If those points had been equal, you would have then taken who had the most points in the Half Time column and so on.

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Congratulations to @lookersstandandy @GlossopLatic @Brisbaneblue (another Aussie winner this year) and @oafc21 


After @lookersstandandy came runner up last year, he has gone one better. Well done.

Another one to watch in the future is @south east latic. Last year was League one champion, this year in the championship play offs. Similarly @Nohairdontcare he was League one play off winner last year, now this year he is in the championship play offs!

The leagues are really starting to grade the players now.


Commiseration to former multiple champion @DavidCollinge at being relegated from the premiership. I salute you for still playing the game, unlike other self declared multiple champions.


Again another fine competition (under unfortunate circumstances) well run by @Bristolatic and @Stevie_J, with help from @oafcmetty. Keep up the good work, I will be in it again next year, if OAFC is still going that is.


Enjoy your Northern summer/Southern winter, and good luck to those in the Play offs.



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26 minutes ago, 24hoursfromtulsehill said:

Unbelievable that Russian troublebot lookerstandandy is claiming a title for that. Game’s gone. There’s four people in the lower leagues who got more points than he did! Pathetic! 

Cant wait for you to be back so I can smash you all over the park....

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